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Answer Sheet

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  • The answer blanks are numbered 1-15

  • Students are reminded of their progress

  • Enter 1-6 quiz grades at one time.

  • Next to the question numbers there are triangles (Δ) that can be filled in indicating which questions are to be answered. Choose anywhere from 5-15 to answer.

  • Answers may be T/F, A,B,C,D,E or fill in the blank.

  • When marking, have checkers put a "C" for correct and "X" for wrong in blanks next to the answer and then count the "C"s for grade.

  • Different classes can take different quizzes.

  • Repeat or do-over quizzes can have different questions.

  • Have students use ID Numbers only.  Have them cross correct before returning the quiz to owners.

  • Have the checkers sign the bottom for accountability

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