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I-STAR Interactive* Worksheets
* Interactive on iPad, iPhone, iPod, Laptops, Chromebooks or other Devices!
Download a free sample to check your device.  Always works with paper!



I Have...Who Has?


Question on one card, answer on another!




Paper or device, total engagement!




Get students moving around in class!

* The questions and answers are identical for these lessons.  The formats are different.




Reading in the Content Area
for Paper or Devices
For Paper and/or iPad, iPod, Kindle, Smart Boards, Laptops, Computers, Projectors,
, SMART Boards, Promethean,
Netbooks or Windows tablets

These are also printable Adobe Acrobat .pdf files.



Journal at the start and end of class.

Can be used on paper or devices* as a .pdf file.
Students write about content.
Students can read their comments.
Can be pre filled for special needs students.

These are also printable Adobe Acrobat .pdf files.


Daily writing at start and end of class. 
Claim your learning!



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