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FREE Liberty's Kids* Boston Tea Party - Worksheet/Video Guide
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LK01 - Boston Tea Party
Index of all video worksheets.

  • Claim Prior Knowledge: "Three things I knew..."

  • Claim New Knowledge: "Three things I know now..."

  • Stay engaged during the video

  • Maximize retention with written reinforcement.

- Ten fill in the blank or forced decision statements.
- Add a kinesthetic element to watching a video.
- Print them on your classroom printer.
- Great tool for substitutes!

Download Worksheet
Download a FREE Liberty's Kids * Boston Tea Party - Differentiated Worksheet/Video Guide

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 Answer Keys and Four Differentiated Quizzes

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1- Answer Key with handy grading guide.
Student Worksheet "Fill in the Blanks"
Student Worksheet With a "Word Bank"
Student Quiz With "Fill in the Blanks"
Student Quiz With "Word Bank"
Reusable Quiz With "Fill in the Blanks"
Reusable Quiz With "Word Bank"

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